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OK, so let me start by saying I absolutely despise the invention of the telephone.  There have been few people in my life that I’ve ever cared to communicate with via this wretched device.  It goes off at all hours, … Continue reading

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G+ Etiquette

Google Plus is a vast and wonderful online community, but just like the real world and all the other online communities, there are certain basic rules that should be followed.  Now I’m not talking about the TOS’s or EULA’s or … Continue reading

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Sharing Circles

Everyone likes to make new friends and everyone likes to share, so of course what better way to do both than by sharing your friends (and I’m not talking about some kinky swingers party here.)  The problem becomes too many … Continue reading

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Circle Management

I know Google plus is new to all of us and if you’re just jumping into it, it might be even more confusing.  But for those of you looking to gain a few followers quickly to make things more interesting, … Continue reading

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