Sharing Circles

Everyone likes to make new friends and everyone likes to share, so of course what better way to do both than by sharing your friends (and I’m not talking about some kinky swingers party here.)  The problem becomes too many people sharing too many circles without those within the circles knowing it.  Now G+ has a feature built in that lets you add the circle you are sharing to those you wish to share the circle with and then, upon positioning your cursor over the group you are sharing, there is a ‘notify about this post’ option.

Alternately, I like to click the stream for the circle I am about to share and send them a quick note with more details… something along the lines of:

“Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know I’ve shared you in a circle for Sons of Anarchy.  If you want out of this circle in the future, leave a comment here and let me know.”

This lets them know where the recent influx of users circling them has come from and, if they’re not interested in being a part anymore, it’s quick and easy enough for them to let you know.

This could most likely be filed under Etiquette.

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