Circle Management

I know Google plus is new to all of us and if you’re just jumping into it, it might be even more confusing.  But for those of you looking to gain a few followers quickly to make things more interesting, I’ve decided to post a quick walkthrough on how to do so without becoming completely overwhelmed by a stream that never pauses long enough finish reading a post.

First things first… go make some friends.  Once you start following enough people you will find that many of us ‘share circles’ and you’ll most likely find several larger circles of people with common interests to your own to follow.  Until then, there are a few sites out there with links to shared circles… the best one I have found so far is:

Head there and sift through the circles until you’ve found a few you like.  Add them and then what as a good number of them add you back.  The downside here is that many will not add you back and you will have their posts still flooding your streams.  To remedy this, I use the Uncircle Uncirclers+ extension in Google Chrome.  Get it at the link below (and a bit thanks to +Marcus Smith for the link.)

Tafreevar | Uncircle Uncirclers+: Unfollow Unfollowers!

Now it can still all get confusing… some times we follow people we don’t expect to follow us – Celebrities and such – or perhaps we’ve recently added people to a circle we’re about to ‘weed out’ and haven’t given them much time to add us back.  For this I’ve been using a very simple process.

When I go to the spreadsheet on the first link and add a new circle, I create a new circle.  For instance, if I’m adding fellow followers of the Sons of Anarchy television series I create a circle called “SOA111711” – SOA for Sons of Anarchy and 111711 for the date I feel has given plenty of time to the users I’ve circled to circle me back.  Once 111711 rolls around, I’ll run the Uncircle extension and select only SOA111711.  This removes all the users who have not added me back whether because they just don’t add random strangers or because they are not active users within the G+ community without affecting any other circle where I might want users who haven’t circled me to be left in my stream.  Once done, I just transfer the users left in the SOA111711 circle (those who have circled back) to my permanent SOA circle and delete SOA111711.

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